Some mysterious creatures suddenly appeared and annihilated a military base camp in Quentine City. There’s no survivor who can tell what it is, but some say that it’s a group of dreadful aliens. You will play the protagonist (with your own name), which is one of the most skilled personnel gathered by military alliance to protect Aquarine City, Quentine’s neighboring city from the next wave of alien attack.

Fortunately, you are assigned to work with 5 lovely girls with different expertise, and you even need to share the same room with them! How lucky is that? This is your rare chance to get a lover, as you will go back to your original base with not even 1 girl to work with when your time here is over. You can do many activities with the girls to build a better relationship; give some gifts, swim together, have a date, and many more! Unfortunately, those aliens may attack anytime and disturb your happy romantic relationship. Moreover, you need to train your skill again despite being a skilled soldier, and you need to buy your weapons using your own money! Absurd, but that’s your destiny.



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