A heart-warming comedy of living with adorable kittens!
Bakeneko – Cats who shapeshift utilizing spiritual energy due to being soulbound to our world. The ghost of cats. (From World Research Company’s, “The Complete Works of Orient Ghosts”.)
But are bakeneko’s that scary…
After losing his parents to a traffic accident, a boy lived his daily life in solitude until he began to take care of the stray kitten “Nuri”!
However, this kitten possessed strange powers similar to that of the bakeneko.
As if that weren’t enough, he met “Yura,” who manages the existence of souls, and “Sora” from out of the blue.
In a strange twist of fate, the boy begins raising two children…
And from that day, the boy starts his hectic child raising life.
Would you care to watch over the boy’s daily life with his heartwarming new family?


A visual novel that leaves you feeling thoughtful.
We will watch over a lonely boy, who lost his parents in a traffic accident, coming to terms with his new family, along with his
whimsical meetings and life.

・Heroines are fully voiced.
・Download their voices as ringtones to feel closer to the story.
・Get along with Nuri and the rest of the cast with an assortment of mini-games.


Nuri (CV:Kido Ibuki)

A very energetic girl who loves food and her dad above all else.
Naive and simpleminded, she always causes mischief with her abundant prowess and overflowing curiosity! Very fitting of a cat-like personality.

Sora ( CV: Sakura Ayane)

A girl at a difficult age in various ways. She is still shrouded in mystery, as well as not being forthcoming with her words and actions.
However, her feelings towards her father are pure?!

Yura (CV: Uchida Maaya)

She loves to take care of children. Her dream is to have a warm family and raise children.
She is seeking something the protagonist “possesses.”

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