The stage: Venus, near the end of 21st century. It’s been several years since the race to exploit resources, and the suceeding collapse of the bubble economy. The mega-conglomerate, Venus Material Inc. (VMI) is at a standoff with the Sentinels of Terra, an organization formed by the world’s superpowers to keep conflicting interests in check. Now, the situation approaches what was — in a century past — a “cold war”, just like the last century.

On an airfield in the suburbs of Terra Structure #3 is the base of the Raiders, a civilian group that undertakes various jobs. To complete these dangerous tasks, a special license to own and utilize weaponry is required — Ellea Southline, the Raiders’ driver, is an owner of said license. One day, she is asked to retrieve a certain object from inside a laboratory now occupied by an armed group. She manages to slip through the enemy and get the object. However, on her way back, the Raiders squad is attacked by an unknown force in a demilitarized zone. They send out a distress signal, but both VMI and the Sentinels show up, quickly turning into a firefight. The situation escalates into all-out war.






Ellea Southline

Driver name: SONIC-VENUS. When she was 3, she and her father moved to Venus. She’s a specially licensed driver who not only handles investigations and deliveries, but also dangerous work like combat against armed organizations — a real jack of all trades. Ellea is registered with the Sentinels as a pilot, and is looking for information on her father, Joege Southline — one of the Sentinels’ top pilots and an aviation engineer.

Lisa Southline

Ellea’s cousin, whom she treats like an older sister. Having moved to Venus for her studies, she now works at the North Side Airfield — also her home — manning the air controls and working as an operator. During combat missions, Lisa manages tactics; she is also a top-class hacker who provides Ellea support through information warfare. Collecting different types of black tea is one of her hobbies, sometimes having Ellea going out and collecting them for her; she has a room where she stores her collection.

Nobuyuki Sasaki

A friend of Joege’s, and a former mechanic of the Sentinels. His colleagues place a great deal of trust in his expertise in aeronautic and vehicular engineering. After Joege’s sudden disappearance, he retired early and now spends his time managing the North Side Airfield, and serving as Ellea’s guardian.

Joege Southline

Ellea’s father and Lisa’s uncle; he was a pilot with the Sentinels until 5 years ago, where he went missing due to an accident while on a mission. They refuse to release any information regarding the accident, so his last whereabouts or his physical safety are both unknown.

Sai Chen

A civilian driver from the Raiders, and a mercenary who focuses solely on combat missions. This kind of driver specializes in pinpoint anti-personnel missions — in other words, assassinations — and will not hesitate for a moment when offered a job. They are an essential part of Venus’s dark political power struggles; and it’s an open secret that both the government and private entities make use of their services.

Juria Loily

Another fellow driver from the Raiders, born and raised on Venus, and works together with Sai. One can find themselves in conflict with another driver from the Raiders due to work, which is why she doesn’t like to interact much with her colleagues. Much about her is unknown because of this.


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