Maria is a plain old herbalist.
Her skill in crafting items gets her within arm’s reach of her goal of getting enough money to marry. But then, her mentor who she was supposed to go out with suddenly marries his pretty childhood friend!
“With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.”
After getting turned down with such creuel words, Maria resolves herself and declares:

“I’m gonna make a buttload of money and marry someooooneeeee!!!”

What encounters are in store?
Earn, save, and marry.
A happy end awaits you ♪


Maria Scissorland

(name cannot be changed)

The main character; a highly skilled herbalist.
Because she is so dedicated to her research and her craft, she has almost no chances to get into contact with men.
The only man she’s had a relationship with is her mentor. Without ever having done the deed, he broke up with her.
The items she makes are first-class, and fetch a high price.

Samuel Double

CV. No Name
Although well-built, muscular, and a great warrior,
he destroys his body with alcohol.
His main weapon is a great sword. However, it’s currently being pawned.
Has has so many tabs running with bars that he’s on the verge of running dry.
Though he’s not really a bad guy, he’s still a drunkard of an old man, so there aren’t many prospects for him.
He can often be found sipping on booze at bars.

William Bloom

CV. Takeda Naoto
An elven ranger.
He is also a skilled user of the spirits, as well as being skilled with the bow, but he is so naive that he is easily fooled.
Having been tricked into shouldering a debt from a complete stranger, he is always chased after by debt collectors.
Also, he has a problematic tendency to just give money away whenever he sees anyone in need.
His main weapons are his mythril short sword and his bow.
He can often be found in the adventurers’ guild, looking for work.

Ben Koo

CV. Shiraiwa Kazuma
A thief, and compulsive gambler.
His luck in anything related gambling is as exceptionally horrible as he is excellent in his other skillsets.
The debt has piled up so much that he isn’t even allowed into any casinos or gambling dens.
In fact, his own life is already at risk.
A dagger and sling are his primary weapons.
He often sits in dark corners of bars so that he doesn’t stand out.

Brian Starly

CV. Sugiyama Atsushi
A priest coming from fallen nobility.
Though he grew up well, his family had lost all of its assets due to his father’s debauchery.
Despite being absurdly poor, he can’t help but show off.
He dreams to one day buy back his family’s estate, furnishings, and treasures.
His main weapon is a mace.
Often, he can be found in the adventurers’ guild looking for work.

Walter Pleasant

A necromancer dedicated to his work.
He has been placed under special surveillance, and is not allowed into cemeteries.
His primary theme of research is to create zombies who retain their conscious reasoning.
As a practitioner of his craft, his skills are top-notch, at a level where he can make use of the undead, prolong life, and even restore youth. He has no interest in anything but his own research, so his social skills are terrible.
Also he has no sponsors so he is dirt-poor. Close to the point where he can no longer continue his research, so he’s panicking.
Because his research deals with raising the dead, he was kicked out of the sorcerers’ academy, and so he can’t get a job.
He can often be found rummaging around the garbage bins around town.


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