Eighty people, either dead or missing. Rumours of monsters that stalk their human prey in the mist-clad forest. Moonlight is a gold mining town in trouble, and only The Falconers can help.

The Falconers: Moonlight is a supernatural thriller visual novel set in the 19th Century West Coast of New Zealand. Falconer, Cassandra Winter, is on her first solo mission. Can she save the people of Moonlight from their plight? Or will she disappear into the mist like so many others before her?

What is the Falconers series?

The Falconers is an IP that mixes historical fact with supernatural thriller and fantasy fiction. Its stories are based in the 19th Century colonies of the European empires…Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany, and Russia.

The Falconers are an international organisation of ‘monster hunters’ devoted to protecting European colonists from the entities that would thwart the spread of ‘civilisation’ into the wild frontiers. These creatures are ‘The Cullers’.

And it all starts in New Zealand, the most far-flung frontier of them all.




Cassie is still relatively new to the Falconers business. In facts, this is her first solo mission. She’s a crack shot, cool under pressure, and naturally untrusting, a good survival trait for Falconers. She just hasn’t personally handled a Culler investigation before. She’s assisted in several, but this is her chance to prove herself as a full-fledged hunter of Cullers.



Captain Moonlight is a Scottish gentleman of noble bearing. He has impeccable manners and a strong sense of honour. He is devoted to the well being of the ‘good people’ of his town, Moonlight, having appointed himself their leader and protector.

At least that’s what he leads people to believe.



Sunlight is a charming and witty woman who runs the Moonlight Hotel. She has made the hotel very popular with the Moonlight locals and is one of the most liked and respected members of the town.



Little Biddy is a hard-working, hard-talking lady. She’s never seen without her pipe and often with a half-empty bottle of Southern Sauce in her grubby hand. A create of the stuff gets delivered to her from the illegal Southern Sauce whisky still in Central Southland, once a month.



Weka is a good-looking ladies man with a reputation as a sharp gambler and an even sharper shooter. Born and raised in Taranaki, Weka knows the secret and stories of New Zealand’s native bush. Despite having adopted colonial ways, Weka maintains a strong, spiritual connection with the land.

That may makes Weka sounds like a bit of a hero. He’s not. Weka enjoys nothing better than to charm, swindle and cheat miners out of their gold.



Maggie Matthews is young, dark and intense. She’s also very pretty… and she knows it. Having been spoilt by her domineering carpenter father, Reginald Matthews, she is deeply insecure and wants only to secure herself a wealthy man so that she can escape Moonlight and live happily ever after.


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