This is Granfesta Kingdom. A land near the sea, with rich foreign trade.On account of its location and magnanimous, festival-loving king,it's a peaceful place where many races coexist. Our story begins with the capital of Granfesta... in the background, in the rural town of Country Ceremo. Gritz is a young man skilled with traps, having been taught by his huntsman father. Hoping to make a name for himself, he headed closer to the castle, but ended up working meager handyman jobs and living quietly in Country Ceremo. One day, Gritz noticed a dispute taking place outside an item shop. As he thought it over, into the fray came a girl using a bow, who he had never seen in Country Ceremo. Gritz joined the girl, and they worked together to drive off the scoundrels causing trouble for the shopkeeper. The archer, who called herself Leah, seemed to have come with some important goal. This meeting was but the first page of the story.



What kind of game is Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess?◆Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princessis a simple turn-based strategy RPG.You move characters on a grid-based mapand give them actions to fight.◆The protagonist Gritz can use traps.As half of the title implies, it's a big part of the game! ♪You can stop enemies in their tracks or deal damagewhen they pass through, and sometimes send them flying!Learning to use traps will put you on the path to victory.◆Leah can use a bow to attack from 2 tiles away.Nini can use healing staves, Gaints can shove units 1 tile,Eleano is good with magic, Amy can energize allies,Sho is able to open locks...Come up with a strategy that makes useof all your allies' special talents.Tips for Getting Through Smoothly!◆Use items!The Item command lets you use items. ♪Items are your best friends, recovering HP or raising stats!Characters can only use items on themselves,so if you don't have any, Trade with someone else!◆Know the weapon types!☆While there are various weapon types,there are no advantages or disadvantages amongst them.Also, characters can usually only use set types.☆All weapons have a range. If ranges match, attacks will be countered.☆There are two types of attacks: physical and magical.The damage of attacks is the attack power minus the opponent's resistance.For physical attacks like swords, that's Defense, but for magic, it's M. Defense.So even if you have high Defense, watch out for magic!☆Bows are effective against flying units. Actively go after those!◆Look at units' stats!The Status button shows stats for any unit you put the cursor over.You can estimate damage by looking at their attack power.By pressing OK, you can visualize the range their attacks can reach.Use it as advice for how to move! ♪ There's also a buttonto show or hide the action range for all enemies.◆Deepen bonds!As characters fight together, certain pairs become able to form strong bonds.When characters who have bonded are together in battle,they may have a little more power than usual!Button SuggestionsThese are only suggestions; go to Key Config to use what you like.All you need to know at first are the OK and Cancel keys! ♪Minimap Display(The minimap shows where things are across the entire map)Selection Switch(Switch selected character, change weapon before attack)Move CursorShow Enemy Attack Range(Indicate areas in which enemies could attack you)Show Status(View detailed stats for highlighted character)OKCancelShow HelpShow System Menu(View how to play and more)


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