Last Stanza

Sekai Project Staff2018, Games, Innocenceイノセンス, Releases

December, 2009. On a day in the last week of that month, I realized how slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The coming of winter turned the air thin and cold. The clouds blocked out the sunlight that normally reached the ground making it seem as if the sun was absent. Many days passed and life seemed …

CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-

Sekai Project Staff2018, E.N.Nach, Games, Releases

I don’t know of a time without the internet. Ever since we were born, we’ve had the net; the world being connected was simply a matter of fact. I’ve never once questioned why keyboards are arranged in QWERTY. Neither have I wondered how to use a mouse. Social media feels far more comfortable than a telephone does. The world is …

A Light in the Dark

Sekai Project Staff2018, CreSpirit, Games, Narrator, Releases, Storia

──We cannot choose in this unfair world. Hao-Chen Jiang did not understand what it was when he opened his eyes. Before him was a dim and dreary room that he had not seen before. Trying to get up to turn on the lights, he finds that his arms are tied behind him and that is when he realizes that he’s …

Tactical Chronicle

Sekai Project Staff2018, Games, Releases, Yellow Factory

It’s been over 20 years since the fearsome demon lord invaded the realm. Now it’s time to take it back. Lead your army to victory in this strategic adventure game. Craft a party of your favorite kinds of fighter and choose how they fight. Fill out different tactics for your units to take, and discover the surest paths to victory.


Sekai Project Staff2017, Games, Releases, Vifth Floor

VOID is a visual novel themed around espionage and revenge. You play as Arthur Woods, a man seeking revenge from the death of his loved one, forging himself into a deadly assassin. Along the way, you will meet people who may (or may not) be your allies, as you try to untangle the web of lies and intrigue surrounding your girlfriend’s …


Sekai Project Staff2017, CreSpirit, Games, Releases

Erina’s humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and turned into a human! Along the way she meets the cheerful pink-haired fairy, Ribbon, who mysteriously chooses to stay by Erina’s side. These unwitting heroes embark together on their quest to restore Erina’s life to normalcy, but who knows what troubles …

Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects

Sekai Project Staff2017, Games, IDHAS Studios, Releases

Doctor Charles Malcom always dreamed of worlds far beyond his own. With a team of scientists and countless experiments, he finally broke out of Earth and onto the rest of the planescape! Unfortunately, his experiments caused unforeseen troubles by disrupting the flow of other worlds. With the gods of the planescape threatening punishment for all eternity, it is up to …


Sekai Project Staff2017, Games, Releases, ScalemaiL

Walkerman is a Visual Novel about hunting supernatural creatures. Each creature obeys a unique set of rules which must be exploited in order to defeat them, in a fashion similar to the old folk tales about vampires and garlic, or werewolves and silver bullets. Each act of Walkerman centers on a creature and the process of investigating it. Players will …

The Falconers: Moonlight

Sekai Project Staff2017, Bionic Penguin, Games, Releases

Eighty people, either dead or missing. Rumors of monsters that stalk their human prey in the mist-clad forest. Moonlight is a gold mining town in trouble, and only The Falconers can help. The Falconers: Moonlight is a supernatural thriller visual novel set in the 19th Century West Coast of New Zealand. Falconer, Cassandra Winter, is on her first solo mission. …