Princess Quest

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After returning to Guilebern Castle, Princess Lilia, heir to the throne of the Guileland Empire, is awoken to discover an insurrection lead by Grand Minister Gordeau’s faction. With the help of her maid, Anna, Lilia escapes with just the clothes on her back. Determined to retake the capital and her country, Lilia must seek cooperation from the nobles. However, the …

Nie no Hakoniwa – Dollhouse of Offerings

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The first title by NEKO WORKs’s sister brand, Chatte Noir. A long time ago, an outsider appeared before the village of a long-suffering minority. In his possession was a mysterious “box” which was used by the oppressed to rise up and overthrow their oppressors. Years later, that oppressed group formed seven noble houses and grew prosperous. However, House Shiki, which …

Girlish Square 2

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square 2

Sekai Project Staff2023, Games, Releases, Whirlpool

Nakamori Taiga used to be just your average idol fanboy, cheering on the underground idol group, Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square. However, he ended up stumbling upon his favorite idol group’s secret. And that secret is… They are not only idols but magical girls as well They’re helping to stop the enchanted realm of Hemdesmel from collapsing To do this, …

My Academy’s Special Place

Sekai Project Staff2023, feng, Games, Releases

Part of a series of games focusing on protagonist Youhei Nase and his relationship with different heroines in each volume. In the final installment, we meet Yaeka Nase, Youhei’s homeroom teacher (and incidentally his older sister) as well as classmate Maika Ootori. Yaeka is very popular amongst the students as a respected teacher despite being kind of a drunken slob …

Memory’s Dogma Code:03

Sekai Project Staff2023, Books

A continuation of the near future visual novel game, Memory’s Dogma Code:01. It is recommended to play through Code:01 before reading Code:03 Code:02 and Code:03 share a similar beginning so it’s optional as to which you wish to start with first. Ema Route After Akane and Ema barely escaping Sigma’s attack at Tokyo University’s graduate research institute’s memorial hall, they …

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS

Sekai Project Staff2023, Games, Releases, Whirlpool

Idol otaku, Nakamori Taiga and the girls of idol group Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square are back in this series of side stories featuring Haneru and Tetora! Haneru Route In search of another way to promote the group, Haneru turns to streaming old games and somehow it actually proved to be a success? Of course she’s doing It for the …

UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~

Sekai Project Staff2023, Games, LYCORIS, Releases

This is a story about finding love to overwrite the feelings for the one they held dearest. A girls love visual novel about summer, love and adolescence. STORY “Love can so easily turn people into liars.” On a hill overlooking the sea is Minatocho’s Aoba Dai-ichi High School. One night, 2nd year student, Tachibana Kaoru is completely heartbroken by her …


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Tsukikawa Keisuke had a strange dream. That dream involved his innocent younger sister, Saki. Saki was a naïve girl who even believed that babies were made from just kissing. However in his dream, Saki’s innocence was replaced by eyes filled with lust as she creeps into Keisuke’s bed. The next day, Saki was her same innocent self to Keisuke’s relief. …


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This is a simple puzzle platformer game filled with a variety of gimmicks. There is no story! Do your best and gobble up the stars in each stage♪ Scrolling loops and occasionally rotating screens. As a squishy slime, do your best to challenge these stages.