Anime Expo 2024 Event Information

Published on July 2, 2024

It’s that time of year again. School’s out and the weather is getting unbearably hot. Yes friends, it’s time for Anime Expo. This news post has all the information on our panel schedule as well as all the merchandise we will be selling at our booth. Come check out what we have in store for everyone this year!

Anime Expo

July 4 – 7, 2024
Los Angeles, CA


Booth Information

Location: Exhibit Hall 4723

To help let everyone know what’s going on at our booth this year at Anime Expo, our design staff have come up with this very informative info page!

In case you missed our announcement on Monday, we are pleased to have the very first public demonstration of Vermillion Digital’s newest game, Seed of Heroes! We’re excited to get everyone’s feedback on this fast-paced, bullet heaven game so don’t forget to stop on by and give the game a try.

Not only will we have a station to demo Seed of Heroes, as you can see from the info page, we will be having a large assortment of merchandise for sale. Fans of cat girls and other kemonomimi girls are in for a treat as we are bringing a ton of NEKOPARA and Amairo Chocolate goodies to Anime Expo this year. Curious what this may entail? Check out our sales lists!

We’re pulling out all the stops with all the NEKOPARA goods. Whether you’re looking for wall hangings, apparel or perhaps even a maid outfit for your cat, there’s definitely something for all NEKOPARA fans. On top of that, we’re selling an exclusive NEKOPARA T-Shirt to celebrate the upcoming 10th Anniversary of the NEKOPARA series coming later this year. What will be revealed once the anniversary hits? A very good question, meow.

Update: Due to printing issues with the 10th anniversary T-shirt, they will no longer be available for sale during Anime Expo. For more information, read our statement on that matter.

Next up, for fans of everyone’s favorite kemonomimi adventure, we have a fine selection of goods from the Amairo Chocolate series. Whether it’s a T-Shirt of the fluffy eared Ichika or an acrylic figure of your favorite AmaChoco character, we have it here at our booth. And for fans of Cabbage Soft’s other release, Amazing Grace, we also have a limited number of acrylic figures for sale as well.

On top of all this, we will have an assortment of other merchandise for sale as well. There will be some special promotions as well so don’t forget to stop on by and have a look!

Panel Schedule

Sekai Project Industry Panel

Thursday, July 4th, 8:30 PM in 402AB (Concourse, 2F)

Come join Sekai Project as we take a look at the current industry, discuss our new and current projects, what the future holds for us and Q&A if time permits. Expect random banter, our boss facepalming a dozen times and perhaps a new announcement or two. We’ll also have some giveaways as well so we look forward to seeing everyone at our panel!